Keeping Sites Accessible With Types

A presentation at ClojuTre 2019 in in Helsinki, Finland by Fotis Papadogeorgopoulos

Accessibility on the web takes effort. The responsibility is split amongst development, design, and really anything that touches the product. On development and design, many of the common issues (color contrast, semantic markup and forms) have known practices and patterns.

However, there is a problem: HTML is permissive of anything and the semantic patterns often require expertise and research. On a bad day, or a tight deadline, even the most diligent person can miss things.

The rise of typed functional languages on the frontend affords us an opportunity. We have a chance to encode the values of accessibility in our system, in a way that our coworkers and future selves can avoid these issues automatically, as well as learn about them in a practical way.

In this talk, I will give a brief introduction to web accessibility, as well as concerts examples that help preserve it in our codebases. After the talk, I hope you’ll have issues for your backlog, as well as the confidence to tackle them!



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